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  This Website is not a repository for individual service records.  Some information regarding service may be obtained through the Guest Book, or communication with the Webmaster.  The main source for information is from the Government. 

     Unfortunately, in July, 1973, there was a huge fire at the official repository, THE U. S. ARMY RESERVE PERSONNEL CENTER, ST. LOUIS, MO., destroying  most of its records.  Since the fire, THE CENTER has been trying to rebuild its records through various means.  The Government is still the best source to attempt to obtain service records and medals. 

     From either of the below Websites you may request records or service information.  Just click and follow instructions. When you submit form SF 180, attach copy of discharge paper or any other official military paper(s) if possible.  You may order form SF 180 from the Webmaster,, and print out ( 3 pages), mostly instructions, if you have a printer.

Department of Veterans Affairs Form10-10EZ must be completed and presented to your nearest  VA Hospital for health benefits  It may be obtained at a VA Hospital, Veterans Service Officer or write 

  Subject Form 10-10EZ

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Before attempting to locate Form 10-10EZ to apply for medical treatment under Health Benefits Services and other VA information, write these steps down, then click on Health  Benefit Services below.  Form 10-10EZ must be mailed or presented to your nearest VA Hospital to apply for health benefits.  The Form can be obtained here, nearest VA Hospital, a Veterans Service Officer or write:,

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More Records

Morning reports are held at the National Personnel Records Center,
 Military Personnel Records, Army Organizational Records Branch, 9700 Page
 Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63132.  Please review their website at  You also may wish to review the
 information contained in "Overview: Historical Documents of Interest to
 Veterans" at the NARA web address  Here you will find links to
 information about textual (paper) service records and unit reports and
 rosters and Other Resources for Military and Veterans Research.

 For operational records related to major (i.e. division level) units you
 may also wish to direct a surface mail inquiry to Modern Military Records
 (NWCTM), Textual Archives Services Division, National Archives at College
 Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD  20740 6001 or contact them by
 e mail at  However, you need to be able to identify the
 unit(s) whose records are of interest to you.

 If you are interested in electronic records from the Vietnam or Korean
 Wars, you may wish to review the informational material referenced at