I Remember!

This page lets you send the Web site a short story based on your or your family member's experience in the 69th Infantry Division.  It could be funny, happy or sad...about an unforgettable character or battle experience...weather woes...poem or prose...long or short...anywhere from Camp Shelby or Camp Kilmer, across the seas to England, France, Belgium and Germany or home again.

Share your experiences with family and friends!

Be sure to include name of your unit, and your rank if desired.

If you would like your remembrance edited slightly, please add "Edit" at the end.

Click to e-mail your story. annejoelip@bellsouth.net or to:James K. Richardson

To read some of these interesting stories, click on the titles below: The latest contribution is shown in the blue background, with yellow fonts.

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Last revised September 17, 2009

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