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Tributes to Joe Lipsius

272nd Inf. Regtl. Hq., Cn. Co. & 69th Inf. Div. Webmaster

b. Jan. 8, 1918 d. Sep. 6, 2015 (Age 97)

Joe Lipsius, Webmaster, 69th Infantry Division
Fig. 1—Webmaster Joe Lipsius, 2001.
Maj. Joe Lipsius
Fig. 2—Major Joe Lipsius, 1943.
Major Joe Lipsius (far right) at the Nazi surrender of Liepzig, Apr. 19, 1945
Fig. 3—Major Joe Lipsius (far right, dark shirt) at the surrender of the Nazi Army in Leipzig, April 19, 1945.
Joe & Anne Lipsius represented the 69th Infantry Division at Elbe Day 2010. Joe is shown here with Rene Vetter, Torgau Press Secretary, April 23-25, 2010 — the 65th Anniversary of the Link-Up between the American 69th Infantry Division and the 58th Soviet Guards Division at the Elbe River on April 25, 1945
Fig. 4—Honored Guest Joe Lipsius, Elbe Day 2010. Torgau, Germany.

Sherry Estep
(Joe's daughter)
Anne Lipsius

Sep. 12, 2015

Dedication to Joe Lipsius

Dear Mike,

Thank you for remembering Joe on the 69th website. He was truly a remarkable man and will be greatly missed! He lived life to the fullest and set a wonderful example for all of us.

The website was Joe's pride and joy; it gave him much pleasure! If Sherry can do anything at all to help keeping it going for future generations, please, let us know. It is Joe's legacy to the world and never want accurate history forgotten!

Thank you for all you do and have done,

Sherry Estep (Joe's daughter) Anne Lipsius

Vladislav Eloyan

Sep. 14, 2015

My Tribute to Joe Lipsius

Joe Lipsius was a great person and he will stay in my memory as a great person.

Once he wrote me that he regretted that we would never meet each other face to face (I live in Moscow, Russia).

I regret that too.

My sister Tanya, my mother, my father and I send our deepest condolences.

Vladislav Eloyan,

I am the grandson of Rotefan "Roman" Eloyan who was a Soviet Army soldier in the Tank Battalion of the 140th Rifle Division of the Second Formation (13th Moscow Volunteer Division), and an American solidier in the 271st Infantry Regiment, Anti-Tank Company of The Fighting 69th Infantry Division during WW2.

[Editor's note: Click here to read about the 271st Inf. Reg. AT Co. service of Vladislav's grandfather, Rotefan "Roman" Eloyan which Joe co-authored in 2010 with George West, Michael McKibben and Vladislav Eloyan.]

Chad Daniels

Sep. 14, 2015

Joe Lipsius' Passing

Mr. and Mrs. McKibben,

Thank you for letting me know about Joe's passing.  He was a wonderful fellow and worked with me and the staff of the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby for many years.  He was my "go to" guy for all things 69th Division-related and he will be missed.

Kind Regards,

Chad Daniels

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum
1001 Lee Avenue (Bldg 850)
Camp Shelby MS 39407
Tel       601.558.2303

Gunter Meissner

I was contacted with Joe Lipsius and Anne Lipsius for many years and nevertheless with the 69th Inf. Div special with the 272nd Inf. Reg. In particular the 272nd Inf. Reg. released my home village Predel (nearby the AAA Predel) 12th of April 1945.

Joe was a good man. I`ll never forget him. My deepest condolences to the 272nd Inf. Reg.

Gunter Meissner

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