Updated September 29, 2010

69th Association and Website

Organizations for the enlightenment and benefit of members, families, friends and history researchers

The Fighting 69th Infantry Division Association, Inc. was organized under the leadership of its late Commanding General, Emil F. Reinhardt. Generally, the purpose of the Association is to keep alive the spirit and tradition of our great division, distribute news bulletins (now 3 times per year), hold reunions (the 60th Annual Reunion was held August 2007 - the 61st Annual Reunion will be held August 2008), memoralize our heroic war dead, help former buddies in distress, help keep in touch with your close buddies, sponsor state and regional chapters of 69th Division Veterans, gather all possible information on fallen buddies for their nearest of kin, and to promote a national awareness of the need for Adequate National Defense. The Association is a NON-PROFIT, NON-POLITICAL organization.

Membership eligibility is any man who served honorably as a member of the 69th between activation and demobilization. Members of the 661st Tank Battalion, 777th Tank Destroyer Battalion and 461st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion attached to the 69th will also be eligible.

On April 23, 2000, this Web site was created. However, due to funding concerns, its operation soon became a self-funding labor of love by the site's team and users, and is no longer a program of "The Fighting 69th Infantry Division Association, Inc.," but a separate entity. Yet its goals, as stated on the Web site Home Page, remain the same.

The 69th Infantry Division Next Generation Group was formed as a successor organization to the 69th Infantry Division Association Inc., as a way to continue to preserve and promote the ideals and accomplishments of the 69th Infantry Division in World War II and the significance of the Division in securing the defeat of the Nazi’s in Europe. Click here to learn more.

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