Online Archives of 69th Bulletins Needs Your Help!

69th Infantry Division Bulletin Archive Project

The 69th Infantry Division Website ( has been developing an online/paperless archives of (hopefully) all of the 69th Division’s BULLETINS/Newsletters published  since  the Fighting  69th Infantry Division Association, Inc. was formed in 1948.

We already have more than 100 Bulletins and Newsletters posted in our electronic archives, but we need YOUR help in order to be able to post the entire collection on the Website.

For Posterity - We Must Never Forget The Sacrifices

Not only will these documents be readily accessible online, but readers will also be able to search the archives for specific people and places. This search capability has already helped hundreds of 69ers "find" lost buddies and helped children and grandchildren learn more about their loved one's wartime experiences.

The website’s engineer, Michael T. McKibben, is the son-in-law of the late Jerry Hoovler, Co K 272nd Inf Rgt. Mike began scanning the archives with BULLETINS loaned or given to the website back in January 2001 when  Company photos were being put on the site by James K.  Richardson, Co B 272nd Inf Rgt, who was co-webmaster at that time.

The first bulletins came from Webmaster Joe Lipsius who had begun to save them just before the Nashville reunion in 1994.  A plea for bulletins prior to 1994 in the bulletin and on the website resulted in donations and some loans.

Later, a son of Roy D. Sloan, Co A 271st Inf Rgt, kindly donated a number of early BULLETINS to preserve them for historical purposes.

Please help us complete this important project, so that future generations will know what The Fighting 69th did in the Second World War, and what our Association has done in the years since the war ended.

Only original copies of either Bulletins or Newsletters should be sent via regular mail to:

Joe Lipsius
6314 Deerings Hollow
Norcross, GA 30092-1800
Hq 272nd Inf Rgt
(770) 416 - 7725
Please be assured, anything we receive will be handled with good care and promptly returned.

To avoid duplication (i.e. sending issues we already have), please call, write, or e-mail to the above address before sending.

Thank you!

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