Treasure Photos

A collection of many "coin finds" in November, 1984.

Some gold and silver rings found by November, 1984

A good deed-the return of two lost gold rings!


During WWII, and other times, it was common for jewelry be carved from coins. 


This display won the prize for best coin finds of the month.  The three red "1s" were coins found in the same hole.


This is a watch fob.  Parts were found in two different places, six months and 85 miles apart.  They were put together leaving one piece as shown.  The watch chain connected to the hole on top.  There was no writing on any link, just people in movement. It was never identified nor any like part found by a member of the club.

A byproduct of "coin shooting", a CSA (Confederate States America) cuff button.


A yet to be identified militia buckle with belt catch.  The catch was attached, but bent, when the buckle was found.  It broke off in a straightening attempt.

Different type Minie Balls, the War Between  States(1861-65) bullets, displayed as Relic finds at a monthly treasure hunter's club meeting. The flattened bullet was unusual with an impression of an U. S. Indian Head Cent stamped in it. The Indian Head Cent was first minted in 1859.  The finds were made on the campus of a college founded in about 1900 and a wartime area. The impression could have been made by a soldier or a student.


A display of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars and Standing Liberty Quarters - all 90% silver coins.  Later, Barber Silver Half Dollars and Barber Silver Quarters were found. The big disappointment was an American Silver Dollar was never found.

The obverse and reverse of a Spanish 1779 2 Reale silver coin found March 24, 1986, in the rear of an antebellum house in Adairsville, Georgia, about 80 miles northwest of Atlanta  The Reale was a coin of the realm until just before the War Between The States. The 2 Reale was the equivalent of a 25 cent piece. It was commonly called a "2 bit piece".  This coin was minted in Peru, a Spanish possesion at the time.

Holding the Carlous III - 2 Reale coin shortly after recovering it in the rear the R. Dudley Barton Funeral Home, Adairsville, Georgia. The owner of the business had given permission to hunt and keep "finds".  He was shown the coin.  Several early date U. S. Indian Head Cents were also found but no old U. S. silver coins.